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Clinical Classifications training developed and delivered by specialists well versed in the challenges facing today’s coding professionals.

Claire Taylor - The Coding Solution Company
Claire Taylor - ACC TAP.dip ABILD

Our mission is to provide the ultimate training experience, designing and tailoring workshops to meet the needs of the NHS coding community.

With over 30 years' experience working in a Clinical Coding environment,  Claire Taylor, founder of The Coding Solution Company, ensures she personally delivers all the high quality training and audit services offered by the company.

‘I started my career as a Clinical Coder and ensure that I maintain ‘hands on’ experience of the issues that Coders face in their day-to-day jobs by regularly auditing at one of the UK's largest teaching hospitals. As a result, I keep abreast of all current clinical terminology and practice, have a realistic appreciation of what Coders want to know and a greater understanding of those areas that present recurring challenges in a Coders daily workload.’

We pride ourselves on ensuring all training provided by The Coding Solution Company is excellent in quality, effective in outcomes and has a proven delivery mode that works to enhance the learning experience at both a collective and individual level. Our training affords Coders the ultimate training experience expected from a company that draws on six decades' worth of coding across a diverse range of clinical disciplines.