Clinical Coding Mental Health Refresher Course

This 1 day workshop is essential to support information governance toolkit requirement 516.  This is a participant-focussed interactive learning event responsive to the challenges faced by coders in this complex area.  

In this workshop you will:

  • review all national standards pertinent to a mental healthcare setting;
  • consider social factors that influence mental healthcare;
  • identify mandatory co-morbidities in a fun-packed storybook;
  • match national coding standard statement relating to injuries, poisonings and external causes;
  • undertake a key learning points activity for ICD-10 Chapter V Mental health disorders; and
  • interpret clinical annotations and apply national standards using real-life mental health scenarios.

Our Courses

Courses will equip your staff with the necessary skills and experience to produce good quality coded clinical data to support PbR and local data requirements. Full package includes trainer and course

Option available to purchase training materials where organisations have their own NHS Digital approved clinical coding trainer.