Gastroenterology workshop

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This 1 day workshop offers specialty training to experienced clinical coders in the processes and terminology relating to the classification of gastroenterology medicine.

In this workshop you will:

  • travel through the digestive system in a 'name me' quiz;
  • develop knowledge in gastrointestinal terminology;
  • review key national standards for diseases of the digestive system and interventions on the GI tract;
  • apply coding skills using authentic endoscopy reports; and
  • view video animations of ERCP, colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures and discuss code combinations for these interventions.

Our Courses

Courses will equip your staff with the necessary skills and experience to produce good quality coded clinical data to support PbR and local data requirements. Full package includes trainer and course

Option available to purchase training materials where organisations have their own NHS Digital approved clinical coding trainer.