Trauma & Orthopaedic workshop

Trauma & Orthopaedic workshop Icon

This 3 day workshop is aimed at advancing knowledge of diseases and interventions involving the musculoskeletal system. 

In this workshop you will:

  • label a 3D skeleton;
  • name sites within the musculoskeletal system via an interactive quiz;
  • view video animations of joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy, SLAP, subacromial decompression, rotator cuff tear, ACL reconstruction, osteotomy DHS, intramedullary fixations and spinal interventions;
  • find national standards in the reference manuals in a group session;
  • create a table to facilitate application of osteotomy rules back in the workplace;
  • interpret clinical annotations and apply national standards using real-life scenarios; and
  • explore standards for coding injuries and external causes. 
  • interpret clinical annotations and apply national standards using real life scenarios.

Our Courses

Courses will equip your staff with the necessary skills and experience to produce good quality coded clinical data to support PbR and local data requirements. Full package includes trainer and course

Option available to purchase training materials where organisations have their own NHS Digital approved clinical coding trainer.