I would like to thank you Claire, your workshops have been extremely good, you always make it look so easy, I always learn something new even though I've been in the coding game for years.
Obstetric & Perinatal workshop (E-learning) Dec 20
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Claire was really knowledgeable and very accommodative in answering the queries raised during the course. It was a course that was clear and concise even to coders who don't code maternity and perinatology.

I would recommend her as an efficient trainer and would be delighted to be on her courses in the future.
Obstetric and Perinatal  Workshop, Surrey
I had been apprehensive as I thought that undertaking a workshop via e-learning would be somewhat isolated but there was ample opportunity for discussion and interaction with colleagues and the trainer, and I was very impressed with the way the workshop was delivered. I also felt that the exercises involving interaction on the screen were engaging and enjoyable.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and at the end of each day felt that I had learned something. I look forward to further events!
Trauma & Orthopaedic Workshop, Surrey
Being a home worker I must say I had my reservations about the course, I always thought there was nothing better than classroom engagement where learning is concerned, I have been pleasantly surprised, I didn't feel alone, the presentation was stimulating and interactive, also the way the course was spread over four half days was a fantastic idea, we didn't feel overwhelmed, Claire did a brilliant job.
Trauma & Orthopaedic Workshop, Surrey
A great workshop.  This is by far the best obstetric workshop I have ever attended.  Learnt lots of useful information to aid accurate coding.
Obstetric & Perinatal workshop, Kent
Really enjoy the new set out to the workshops.  The involvement of the manuals in finding the standard exercises is really good.
Oncology workshop, Sussex
As usual, very helpful and informative.  Clear instructions and interesting case studies.
Circulatory & Vascular workshop, Surrey
I found the course extremely useful towards my revision and preparation for the exam.
National Clinical Coding Qualification workshop, Kent
Always feel like I have learnt so much from this training.  I go away feeling more confident with coding.
Oncology workshop, Sussex
Exceptionally good workshop, with excellent slides that kept explanation so simple to understand.
Trauma & Orthopaedic workshop, East London

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